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In Tanzania the Hanns Seidel Foundation was established in 1988 with the main objective of promoting good governance and democracy. The aim of the HSF is to support the civic participation – especially that of women – in the democratic process and strengthening democratic institutions mainly on the local level. To force sustainability and to strengthen international dialogue HSF establishes since 2011 a regional project in East Africa which includes also Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia. The regional main office is in Nairobi, Kenya.

In our Tanzania Office, we are a team of seven persons and we coordinate activities in Tanzania and Uganda. We collaborate with various partners - governmental, civil society and international institutions.


The National Conference on Justice, Peace and Reconciliation.

Tanzania Centre for Democracy (TCD) organized the national conference on Justice, Peace and Reconciliation held at Treasury Hall in Dodoma on the 5th and 6th of April 2022. The national peace and reconciliation conference was supported by various partners including Hanns-Seidel Foundation (HSF) which was represented by Mr. Karl-Peter Schönfisch the Resident Representative for Tanzania and Uganda and Kadele Mabumba, HSF Program Manager. The Germany Ambassador Ms. Regine Hess attended the historic conference.

The national conference on Justice, Peace and Reconciliation was officiated by the President of the United Republic of Tanzania Hon. Samia Suluhu Hassan seated centre in the picture with the development partners and political stakeholders. President Hassan assured political stakeholders and the general public that she would be ready to receive and work on outcomes of the conference submitted to her office to amend the Political Parties Act and the Election Act, yet she insisted that the recommendations should reflect the country context and environment in which the government is operating.

In her opening remarks, President Hassan urged all members of the political parties to openly discuss the issues that are of concern to the general public as well as those of the political stakeholders including the political parties.  She commended the political parties that; it is the Tanzanians who have the solutions to their own political challenges hence she asked them to debate and dialogue and come up with solutions that are implementable in Tanzanian context.

The President observed the narrow membership of TCD which is currently limited to the parties with representation in Parliament, President Hassan commented on the membership of TCD to accommodate all political parties in democratic process in the country hence advised the incoming TCD chairman to look into TCD membership and broaden membership scope to the rest of the political parties in the county.

President Hassan assured the political stakeholders that the government of Tanzania is ready to work on the recommendations of the national conference on Justice, Peace and Reconciliation which is developed based on the national context which ensures Tanzania to remains one and united under multiparty democracy.

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