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Civic Paricipation

In order to advocate for public participation in decision making, the Tanzania government introduced citizens’ participatory approaches (bottom-up) to enhance community based decision making in implementing development projects. One among these is the methodology of Public Expenditure Tracking System (PETS). PETS is a community based resource tracking system which follows the public funds from the sources at the central government up to the end users. PETS encourage social accountability, integrity, public satisfaction and financial transparency of public funds in regards to the money allocated for public projects. It checks whether the funds were used accordingly and wisely by evaluating the value for money and standards. Activities within this program consist of:

  • Sensitization for citizens and local authorities on transparency, accountability and participatory decision-making methodologies
  • Formation and training of PETS committees at village level
  • Support for tracking activities of PETS committees
  • Dialog meetings between the public and local decision makers on the planning and implementation of local development projects

 The Civic Education Teachers Association (CETA) is partnering with HSF to implement this program component. 


Civic Educations Teachers’ Association (CETA) was founded in 2003. It comprises around 500 civic education teachers at secondary schools or college level. CETA aims at reforming the current way of delivering civic education by adopting a more participatory approach, promoting democratic principles such as good governance, rule of law, transparency in the governing system and accountability of government authorities towards the citizen.

Since 2011 HSF has worked with CETA in order to ensure proper utilization of resources and public funds allocated to local level through the Public Expenditure Tracking System (PETS) approach. Within this collaboration transparency and downward accountability of the Local Government Authorities towards the citizens are enhanced.