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Youth Participation and Economic Development


Through this new project component, the HSF promotes the participation of youth and young adults in the transformation process. In the context of social entrepreneurship the HSF is INFORMING participants about ways of becoming a social entrepreneur, EMPOWERING them to make a living while simultaneously living up to their social responsibility and EQUIPPING them with the relevant tools to become a successful social entrepreneur through the Tujenge TZ Innovation Challenge.

The Tujenge TZ Innovation Challenge is a Social Entrepreneurship Empowerment Program with the goal of growing the social entrepreneurship eco-system in Tanzania. Through a competition 25 social entrepreneurs will be selected and receive the unique chance of being part of an expert-led training and mentoring about social entrepreneurship and civic education, helping them to discover their potential and grow under the supervision of an experienced mentor. 

Furthermore, a communication campaign will be developed to raise public awareness of the concept of social entrepreneurship, its practice and the overall benefits of this unique business model to the socio/economic growth of the communities in which social enterprises thrive.

Implementing partners are TrueMaisha and Unleashed Africa.


TrueMaisha is a capacity building and skills development company that was founded in 2012. It is based in Dar es Salaam and promotes the empowerment of personal and organizational abilities of entrepreneurs and individuals.

TrueMaisha conducts a monthly forum on social entrepreneurship that aims at raising awareness of this topic amongst Tanzanians. The establishment of a formal network for the dialogue between public and private enterprises is planned for the future. Furthermore, TrueMaisha organizes trainings in social entrepreneurship for organizations, initiatives and individuals. 

Unleashed Africa is a social enterprise operating in Tanzania since 2015; officially launched in 2016. Unleashed Africa works to tackle various community challenges through the different products and services and consultancies that it offers in the areas of performing arts empowerment and value creation, events and communications, fitness and health as well as social enterprise capacity building. Unleashed Africa’s model is one that works to directly and indirectly explore and empower as many avenues to youth employment as possible.

Unleashed Africa also is working to launch impact projects in the areas of girl child empowerment, youth development as well as in building the social enterprise eco-system in Tanzania and East Africa.