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Women Political Empowerment

The government of Tanzania recognizes that women play a significant role in the country’s development efforts. The country has therefore deliberately undertaken efforts to reserve seats for women representation in local and national decision making levels.  However, Equal participation of women in decision making processes has not yet been achieved. Therefore, one focal area of our work is the empowerment of women within the political arena. Current programs include:

  • Women Political Leadership Training (WPLT) for women who desire to actively engage in politics. Within this program aspirants are trained over a period of several years how to compete professionally with their male counterparts for political positions. HSF has been partnering with the Center for Good Governance and Economic Development (CGG&ED) to carry out these trainings within all regions of Tanzania for more than 10 years now.
  • Councilors Training and Mentoring: Together with Integrity Watch (IW) we offer tailor made training courses for elected representatives in order to equip them with relevant skills to improve their performances on the local level. We thereby pay special attention to gender mainstreaming aspects in local level decision making processes. Furthermore mentoring is offered to female participants. 
  • Support to female Parliamentarians through joint consultations and tailor made trainings in order to increase relevant competences and capacities which will enable them to become effective leaders both within and outside the parliament.
  • Women Leaders – Power of Change: In collaboration with Women Fund Tanzania (WFT), Good Governance and Economic Development (CGG&ED) and the Office of the Registrar for Political Parties (ORPP) we are implementing an EU co-funded project since 2017 which contributes to the achievement of SDG 5, target 5 in Tanzania: Ensure women’s full and effective participation and equal opportunities for leadership at all levels of decision-making in political, economic and public life. Further information on the project can be found here.


The Center for Good Governance and Economic Development (CGG & ED) is a registered non-profit organization running good governance and economic development training and consultancy services in various areas in Tanzania.

The overall objective of CGG & ED is to support potential and existing elected and appointed local government leaders in their mandate in line with the principles of Good Governance and efficient leadership.

The partnership of CGG & ED with HSF mainly focuses on capacity building programs for women in the political arena. In this regard the CCG&ED is a important partner in the current EU co-funded project Women Leaders - Power of Change.


Integrity Watch (IW), formerly known as Center for Civil Society and Strategic Studies (CCS & SS), is a non-profit organization, affiliated to the Department of Political Science at the University of Dar es Salaam. Its work is dedicated to the fight against corruption and promotion of public accountability as a means towards achieving democratic consolidation.

The partnership with IW mainly focuses on capacity building activities for elected representatives at the district level on principles of Good Governance and gender mainstreaming. In addition a mentorship program is offered for female councilors.   

Tanzania Women Parliamentary Group (TWPG) is a registered Non-Governmental Organization that operates within and outside the parliament. Its members consist of all female parliamentarians, regardless of their political affiliation or whether they were elected, appointed through special seats or nominated by the President.

TWPG is aiming at increasing the number of female delegates as well as their potential influence on political decision making. In this respect, the organization strives to implement the resolution of the African Union (AU) and of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) of attaining equal women representation in decision making organs.

The HSF entered into a partnership with the TWPG to support and enable TWPG establish the necessary organizational and personnel structure in order to promote long-term gender equality. 

Women Fund Tanzania (WFT) is the umbrella association for Tanzanian women’s right organizations. It comprises a national network of members as well as established lobbying structures. During the constitutional reform WTF played a leading role for the collection and integration of concerns related to women rights. 

The organization is a partner for the implementation of the EU co-funded project. Within this project WFT will establish a database and publications about several initiatives for women political empowerment in Tanzania.

The Office of the Registrar of Political Parties (ORPP) is the state institution responsible for the registration of political parties in Tanzania. Furthermore, ORPP is a supervisory body for the compliance with legal frameworks by political parties. The planned extension of the ORPP’s mandate after the adoption of two new legislative initiatives should pave the way for a greater control over the promotion of women within political parties. The organization is a partner of the EU co-funded project EU co-funded project Women Leaders - Power of Change. Within the project ORPP will be strengthened in their effort to monitor and publish the participation of women within political parties.