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Citizen Friendly Policing

Police Services play a crucial role for the maintenance of peace, stability and the rule of law within a country. Thus the police are an essential guardian of human rights and democratic freedoms within a society.  Therefore we are collaborating with Tanzanian Police Force (TPF) in a program on Citizen Friendly Policing. Past and current activities include:

  • Capacity building within the area of Community Policing, Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Support to the Tanzania Police Female Network (TPF-NET) through training and publications of training manuals on Gender Based Violence
  • Dialogue meetings between police officers and citizens
  • Publication of an assessment report on the role of the TPF within the 2015 General Elections
  • Joint Reflections how to implement a citizen friendly policing approach within Tanzania

The TPF and the Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative (CHRI) form partners within this program component.  


The Tanzania Police Force (TPF) aims to provide safety and security for people and property through preservation of peace, maintenance of law and order as well as administration and delivery of justice.

When Said Mwema, former Inspector General of Police, instituted internal reforms in 2006 to make the police more accessible to the community and more responsive to the community’s needs he opened the door for cooperating with us. Therefore HSF collaborates with the TPF since 2007 in the implementation of the Police Force Reform Program. The partnership aims at building a citizen friendly police through an integrated service delivery system as part of the National Strategy for Growth and Reduction of Poverty. 

The Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative (CHRI) is a globally operating human rights organization that has extensive experience in the area of criminal justice and police reforms. CHRI has its headquarters in New Delhi whilst operating branch offices in Accra and London. The organization monitors human rights within Commonwealth countries and United Human Rights Council.

Jointly with the Tanganyika Law Society, CHRI conducts a forum (Haki na Usalama ( in Tanzania in which civil society organizations exchange views together on matters of criminal justice. HSF is partnering with this institution in the area of citizen friendly policing.