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"Ex-Post Evaluation of National College of Tourism"
Top-Notch Impact

National College of Tourism–Arusha Campus was established in 1993 by Hanns Seidel Foundation of Munich Germany and the Arusha Municipal Council.


In what could be named as the “Ex Post Evaluation”, during her mission to Tanzania, Mrs. Jeanette Huber-Hanns Seidel Foundation (HSF) Coordinator of Africa Division, Mr. Karl-Peter Schönfisch, Hanns Seidel Foundation Resident Representative for Tanzania and Uganda and HSF entire project team-Dar es Salaam Office visited previously Hanns Seidel Foundation established and supported project which was handed over to the Government of Tanzania in 2003.

Background information

National College of Tourism – Arusha Campus was established in 1993 by Hanns Seidel Foundation of Munich Germany and the Arusha Municipal Council with the aim of providing appropriate vocational skills to students who would like to seek a career in the hotel industry. Hanns Seidel Foundation’s support included:

  • The construction of physical structures Arusha Campus.
  • Provision the equipment to operationalize the training.
  • Stimulate the creation of employment opportunities in the hotel and hospitality industry in Tanzania.

Since 4th of July 2008, the college has been taken over by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism as part of its National College of Tourism. All those students who have completed their training at the National College of Tourism-Arusha Campus are in high demand to date in the hospitality industry countrywide. Hanns Seidel Foundation is impressed to learn that the National College of Tourism has grown to its new heights and has been entrusted with additional functions by the Government of Tanzania which include among others, Training, Research and Consultancy. 


Since its establishment, the National College of Tourism has achieved a lot in its endeavors to become a centre of excellence in Africa that delivers high quality training, research and consultancy services in the hospitality and tourism industry. A few key achievements observed by the Hanns Seidel Foundation team are worth mentioning after the site visit for instance. 

  • Provision of hands-on practical training in hotel and hospitality industry at large.
  • Coordinating apprenticeship program to about 120 students annually.
  • Increase the enrolment of students to about 268 students a year who receive both theoretical and practical training through field attachment to different hotels in Tanzania mainland and Zanzibar.
  • Acquisition of government support for further development of the campus to accommodate more students and programs in the future.

Creation of employment opportunities

Most of the students have been directly employed after their training at National College of Tourism, this is true particularly to those who did well during the field practical placements. The government supports 30 internships a year but only 3 students have taken the internships program in the year ended, since most of them are employed directly hence they hardly take the internship opportunities.

Maintenance of assets and  infrastructure

The National College of Tourism has maintained very well the assets that were handed over to the college, the maintenance of the equipment and servicing them as per required standards is observed to date.

  • The college has also maintained the cooperation with Hanns Seidel Foundation even after HSF stopped supporting the college.
  • In general, the maintenance of the assets including the car is extraordinarily observed, the project car is still operating and well-functioning even after so many years of handing over.

Increased enrollment of students

The college has since increased the enrolment of students to over 250 students a year. The college has kept on linking the students with the right employers to ensure the employability of the students is sustained. The active training of the students as per approved curriculum and hands on training has been maintained ever since including the commercialization of the kitchen and operating the restaurant for the students as well as for the outside market.

Future Plans

The National College of Tourism is soon launching degree and diploma programs. The degree courses will be offered in Bustani Campus in Dar es Salaam whereas Arusha campus maintains its primary certificates courses plus newly introduced diploma courses. The students who are completing their certificate and diploma courses will have an opportunity to continue with their further studies up to the degree level when all these plans are kickstarted. These deliberate development will add value to hospitality industry ecosystem.